Dick Lyman

for Town Supervisor

The question in every election should be what makes one candidate stand out over another. In Pound Ridge, it’s more than a mustache! It is 50 years of continuous community and public service, an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge about the Town of Pound Ridge, its government and its workings ever possessed by any candidate, past or present. It is a solid record of accomplishment in leadership positions in both a volunteer and elected capacity. It is about a proven commitment to preserving all that it is that makes Pound Ridge such a great place to live coupled with the drive to continually strive for improvements to make living here even better. It is about having the courage to make decisions based upon one’s belief in what serves our residents best. And it is about always putting Pound Ridge first. Only one candidate this November has the qualities enumerated above and the record of service you see listed here. The choice is clear.

Thank you for your support.

Dick Lyman

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Bonnie Schwartz

for Town Council

Why should you re-elect Bonnie Schwartz? Because I have been an active member and volunteer of the Pound Ridge community for 24 years. I continue to put community service and Pound Ridge first. I am a supporter of local businesses and pride myself in getting to know local shop owners. I continue to promote Pound Ridge and all it has to offer. My record speaks for itself.


Peter Marchetti

for Town Council

As a local homeowner and business owner, I understand what our residents and our professional community want and need from their town. I am confident that my unique professional perspective and expertise as an engineer can be of service to our community with the upcoming TEP project and wastewater issues in the business district. I am committed to reviewing and streamlining all existing regulations which we are subject to as homeowners.


Debbie Damascus

for Receiver of Taxes

I’ve had the honor and privilege of serving the people of Pound Ridge for nearly 19 years, first as Assessment Clerk and then as your Receiver of Taxes. With a demonstrated deep commitment to volunteerism and community involvement over the past 30 years, Jim and I have joyfully raised three children in town and striven to be a part of what makes Pound Ridge special. As Receiver, I’ve had the freedom to create a welcoming, professional and responsive office where residents come with questions and concerns, confident in the knowledge that they will be taken care of. Lorraine and I look forward to collection time to see old friends, meet and make new ones, and offer assistance in any way we can. It is crucial to note that, like my esteemed predecessor, seven years in the assessor’s office has provided a solid understanding of how assessments are derived and their impact on tax bills. I am able to advise and answer many questions residents have in regard to values. When I see discrepancies, I am quick to alert the homeowner and assessor so that equitable adjustments can be made. Only this depth of experience and training can afford Pound Ridge taxpayers this added benefit. The many thank you notes (which I save), positive emails and comments from residents, realtors, title searchers, and contractors are greatly appreciated by Lorraine (my deputy) and myself, and a testament to the quality of service we provide on a daily basis. I never forget that I serve the people of Pound Ridge and strive every day to give of myself above and beyond what is required.

Yours in service,